Cana Alberona

Card Magic Wizard


Affiliations: Fairy Tail Fairy_Tail_symbol.png .

Magic Spells:

“Magic Cards:”
Cana uses a holder-magic centered around spells from disposable cards. This restricts how many times she can cast these spells in any given setting. Her cards’ powers vary, but some of them include:

Scry_Locale.png Fortune Telling Cana can use her cards to tell the future or scry locales. So far her ‘readings’ have been surprisingly accurate, but even she admits the technique has its limitations.


Cana_Card_throw.jpg* Shuriken Cards: Cana is capable of throwing cards as projectiles at her enemies with added cutting power.

  • Sun’s Strength/Exploding Cards: Cana throws a volley of ( 3 -10) cards that explode on contact. Strength and AOE vary by card count.
  • Card Dimension: A spell learned from Shô, Cana uses her cards to trap another in a dimension inside a world created within the card itself and can free them at will whenever she sees fit. It is protective as well as imprisoning, and has held even strong wizards without issue.

Call_Cana_card.png Call Card:
A Magic Card bearing a stylized picture of a specific person, which will allow its bearer to communicate with said person.


Help_Lucy_Card.gif Help Other Card:
A scrying variant of the calling card created in advance to locate someone as well as glow to inform the carrier when that someone is in danger.

Sleep_Card_being_used.jpg Sleep Card:
Another single card spell, Cana pulls out a card portraying a cartoonish, sleeping ram, together with the word “Sleep”, and activates it with her Magic. Can instantly put many targets to sleep for a time.

  • Cards Wardrobe: By having a large amount of her cards float around her and hide her upper body from sight, Cana was shown capable of changing outfits, not unlike a requip spell.

Multicard spells: Cana combines spells to suit a purpose. while examples can vary, they include spells like:

  • Thunderbolt’s Fate: Cana places three cards: the “Lightning”, “Reverse Tower”, and “Lovers” together in her hand. Those cards interact with each other, striking multiple opponents around her with massive bolts of lightning.
  • Summoned Lightning: Cana combines “Heaven”, “Reverse Death”, and “Mountain”, in her hand, after which green lightning bolts are fired towards her opponent in an arched trajectory. – This spell can be used as a trap-oriented version, in which several cards are left on the ground in a circular formation. Everyone who steps foot inside said formation will be electrocuted by green lightning.

Special Abilities:

Drunk_Cana.png Alcohol Tolerance Cana can REALLY hold her liquor.
Enhanced Strength Cana can REALLY hold her liquor!
Immense magic Power Cana generates and holds great amounts of magic power.

Cana Alberona has been in Fairy Tail for twelve years, and is a potential S-Class Mage. She is renowned as Fairy Tail’s heaviest drinker, but oddly enough hardly ever gets drunk, no matter how much she drinks. She is also the daughter of Gildarts Clive.

Cana_Alberona.jpg Her magic is adaptive, allowing her to use it for any number of situations. Her cards can be thrown to ranged effect, sometimes exploding or cutting like shiruken, others can be used to manipulate her wardrobe, scry locations, and even predict fortunes.
She has also been known to use ‘calling cards’ to contact and/or locate others.

Cana Alberona

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