Charlotte, First Lady of Harvennia

The Littlefolk First Lady of Harvennia


Affiliations: Harvennia
Base Affinity: Water Element_Water.png


She may be small, but Charlotte has lived up to her position as First Lady of Harvennia as a testament to the little people. Inspired by one of Elam Tyrell’s past Princesses, she has learned to fight, and become the face of order and security for Harvennia, lending security to its people with her presence. The combination of her footwork and tactical mind alongside her husband’s superior administration has been wildly successful. With Harvennia’s borders being encroached and raided by Abylon soldiers, she is desperate to end the destruction being wrought.
Charlotte’s zeal shows when she fights. She utilizes the Claíomh Solais, a sword made almost entirely of tempered lacrima! It is a symbol of her people’s skill with magic as well as technology, for even without her devastating ability to conduct elemental energy through it, the blade is still light, adaptive, and strong.

Charlotte, First Lady of Harvennia

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