Gilead The Indomitable *

King of Abylon, and master weapon Requipper


Affiliations: Abylon
Base Affinity: Stone Element_Stone__Iron_.png Iron Archetype

- Arrogant; Self-absorbed
- Honorable even against backstabbing foes.
- Spitefully Sadistic


Magic Spells:

Gilead_arsenal_Gif.gif Requip: When all is said and done, Gilead is a weapon requipper with a vast arsenal to choose from. In fact it is reasonable to say none know the full extent of his arsenal:

Dominion Blades/Bow:
These swords are named and act as a pair, and can be fitted end to end to form a bow he has been known to use to various ends. They are his earliest weapons, and became his base requip when he learned the art.

(More weapons to come with encounters)

GM Note to the players: Be forewarned that Gilead will, at least for the first half of the campaign, be that infernal enemy that is too powerful for the party to drive off, and will almost always force a retreat in a direct fight. This will not however preclude him being baited or fooled, encouraging players to think outside the realm of direct confrontation to deal with him to get what they want.


Gilead was feared far and wide before he learned weapon requipping. He had hunted enormous monsters and slain terrors of all kinds, and when war fell across his homeland, he decimated whole armies, earning him the title “Gilead the Indomitable”.

As time went, Gilead began to take increasing pleasure in asking things of his victim-foes knowing they would never allow it, only to slay them and take it for himself.
One day Gilead heard of a master weapon-requipping wizard, and wanted to learn and master the art as well. When the master refused to teach him, Gilead approached the king and demanded the king make the requipping master teach him, or he would not fight for the kingdom. Fearing Gilead, and knowing his reliance on the warrior had made his nation many enemies, the king granted Gilead’s request.

Reticent, the master accepted, but said Gilead would only learn beside another pupil. The master chose Shiro Emiya, a budding wizard with tremendous potential, and a longing to protect the lives of others. The two trained hard and long, and grew in strength and ability. When wartime came, they fought side-by-side, (called the twin-terrors at one point), each amassing hordes of weapons for requipping.

Then one night, Gilead broke into his teacher’s archives to study a set of spells he knew the master had avoided teaching him. Upon finding Gilead, the master was furious and tried to stop him, but was shot down by his pupil. From there Gilead ventured to the the capital to claim the throne. Taking seat in the throne room, he ‘called’ the king to meet him. Then, as was Gilead’s way, he asked the king to yield the throne to him. When the king refused, he speared him with a requipped blade. However before he could finish the monarch off, Shiro intervened. Gilead believed he could finish Shiro off with his new ‘Rain of Blades’ skill, but to his surprise, Shiro was able to hold his own with the same technique, which the master had shown him. Their battle was fierce, scarring the city and lands near, but Gilead could not bring Shiro down, and finally was forced to relent, and withdrew.

Unable to claim the throne of his homeland, Gilead left and went to another kingdom, where he promptly slew the king (and any who stood between him), and claimed kingship. Enraged by his inability to stop the ranger-swordsman, Gilead went in search of weapons to defeat him. He has since delved into dark places, and it is unknown when he might return to take vengeance.

Gilead The Indomitable *

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