Juvia Lockser

Water Wizard


(Example character for Reference)
Affiliations: Fairy Tail Fairy_Tail_symbol.png
Base Affinity: Water Element_Water.png

Level: 9
CON: 13 +1 Health Points: 135 (maxed out) Fire Element_Fire.png 0
WIL: 13 +1 Mana Points: 9+1 Water >. Element_Water.png 9
DEX: 15 +2 Base Affinity: Water >. Element_Water.png
Aether Element_Aether.png 0
INT: 11 +0 Wind Element_Wind.png 0
AGI: 10 +2 Dodge: 9+0 Stone Element_Stone.png 0
STR: 9 +0 Deflect: 9+3+(armor) Arcane Element_Arcane.png 0
  • Feats:

BTNNeutralManaShield.png “Water Magic”:
Able to summon and command water on unparalleled levels, Juvia could be considered the embodiment of water magic. Even her own body is a source and extension of her magic power that she can alter and command. A sometimes dark manifestation of her ability as a wizard.

Bubble_threshold.jpg Water Bubbles: Juvia has the ability to create bubbles within water. These can, among other things, be used as containers of air for herself and/or others, and can be provided for a group, or even around individual allies’ heads.

Ability_SpinningSlash.png Water Slicer: Juvia creates a single wave of multiple scythe-like projectiles with the power to cut rock and stone.


Ability_Naga_4.png Water Cane: better described as more of a “water whip”, this spell lets Juvia attack at range with a fast and flexible extension of water from her hand.

Ability_Naga_3.png Water Lock: A reverse form of water bubbles , Juvia creates a body of water with no air that can trap and suffocate enemies. This spell was believed inescapable until Grey froze the mass from within and broke free.

summonwaterele.gif Sierra: A full body transformation resembling Water Body, used by Juvia in a state of strong agitation, she takes the form of a boiling wave that is unfreezable even by ice wizards.

Water-make: Juvia can manipulate water-like substances in tight pinches, like mud and blood when pure water is inaccessible.


Unison raid: Juvia’s magic has synergy with many other types of magic, making it possible for her to combine her power with another for an enhanced spell effect.


Special abilities:
Water Body: Juvia can manipulate her body like a body of water without ill effect. This allows her to move through any barrier water can traverse. Because her powers are tied so close to her, Juvia’s emotions can have an unstable effect on her surroundings, making it rain (or even flood) when she is sad or upset.


Juvia is obsessed with Gray Fullbuster to the point of considering anyone who shows affection towards him a rival. She’s also very polite towards others, typically addressing others with honorifics.
She cares deeply for Fairy Tail and its members. Juvia tends to refer to herself in third person, and often says “drip, drip, drop” due to the rain she used to constantly bring everywhere with her. She has a wild imagination in which she tends to fabricate relationships and love rivals.

Juvia Lockser

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