King Baltra Liones

King of Dartannia


Baltra has long white hair and groomed beard. He adorns a typical king’s cloak accessorized with fur on the shoulders and hemline. He also wears a pair of armlets and a few rings.
In years past, he was known to wear full body armor with a unique helmet which somewhat resembled a Cyclops’ eye.

Baltra is a caring, respectable father who strongly cares for his daughters. He is also reputed as a gentle king with a history with only a handful of extreme actions, and these, while quite extraordinary even for a king, had usually been at least somewhat justified. His father was the one who first ordered the creation of the Holy knights as an institution, and he has personally worked in its design to make it an honorable one. Inspired by Tyrian folklore, he wanted them to exercise a code of honor and dicipline, and to make their primary duty in serving the people of Dartannia, even as served the royal family.

For this reason, it is wondered why war has been instigated by Dartannia, and the Holy knights set on the warpath.


King Baltra Liones

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