Lucy Heartfilia

Celestial Wizard


(Another example character for people to reference. She is lower level than the others, to show some versions of development. Her powers are expressly holder based, meaning they require items, and she can do virtually no casting without them.)

Affiliations: Fairy Tail Fairy_Tail_symbol.png

Level: 6
CON: 10 +0 Health Points: 72 (maxed out) Fire Element_Fire.png 3
WIL: 13 +1 Mana Points: 6+1 Water >. Element_Water.png 4
DEX: 12 +1 Base Affinity: Aether Element_Aether.png
Aether Element_Aether.png 3
INT: 15 +2 Wind Element_Wind.png 0
AGI: 11 +0 Dodge: 6+0 ??? Stone Element_Stone.png 0
STR: 9 -1 Deflect: 6-1+(armor) Arcane Element_Arcane.png 0


  • Exotic weapon proficiency: Whips: Lucy is capable of using a whip to fight.
  • Life sheathe: Lucy is more durable than she looks, and stabilize and recover from downed states- However she can still be downed normally.

Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic

Lucy can summon a variety of celestial wizards. Each with their own powers and magics and a resolve to defend her. At present she can summon:

Gate of the Water Bearer, Aquarius:
Water based; One of Lucy’s most powerful spirits, Aquarius is able to command water and create huge outpours and torrents with it that can wash away foes in her fury. This does however come at a cost, as Aquarius requires a water source to perform her feats.

Gate of the Golden Bull, Taurus:
Taurus is a powerful Tauren with an enchanted axe, and is among the most straightforward of Lucy’s spirits. Empowered by his warrior spirit and dedicated to protecting Lucy with his life, he is a powerful spirit.
STR: 18 (4) | DEX: 15 (2) | AGI: 13 (1) | CON:15(2) | INT:9(-1)| WIL: (=Lucy’s) |

Gate of the Giant Crab, Cancer:
A curious man with crab legs protruding from his back and sharp scissors, Cancer is a formidable fighter against common or lightly armed foes. He’s also a phenomenal hair-dresser.

Gate of the Maiden Key, Virgo:
Requesting Lucy when her previous master was imprisoned, Virgo is a maid with powers of Geomancy. Obedient and dutiful, she is eager to please and professional in all situations. (although she does have an odd masochistic side)

Gate of the Archer Key, Sagittarius:
For convenience, Sagittarius does not take the form of a centaur, but of a man with a horse outfit. This does not change that he is every bit the Archer his stories claim, and he can pin the wings of a dragonfly at thirty paces.
STR: 18 (4) | DEX: 15 (2) | AGI: 13 (1) | CON:10(0) | INT:13(1)| WIL: (=Lucy’s) |

And lesser spirits like:

Gate of the Giant Clock, Horologium:
A trusty clock mostly used to act as a decent transport and barrier from the elements. While inside him, Lucy is protected from climates and local natural phenomena (like mosquitos) and can rest her feet while Horologium carries her about. Still, the length of time he can help her is finite.
Gate of the little dog, Nikora:
A pet. Performs no real function (except being cute!)

  • Gate of the Southern Cross, Crux:
    A sleepy source of knowledge, he knows most things, but is difficult to keep awake long enough to provide many answers.
    Gate of the Lyre, Lyra:
    beautiful singing voice and surprisingly powerful bardic powers. However, she’s only available 3 days a month, severely limiting her usefulness.

Lucy takes exceptional pride in her appearance and is very confident in her sex appeal, and exudes a degree of vanity. Despite this superficial attitude, she is clever, kind, and genuinely caring. She likes shopping, cooking, and literature. Her favorite colors are blue and pink. She is a member of the Heartfilia family, one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the country of Fiore. However, due to her estranged relationship with her father and the death of her mother, Layla Heartfilia, she left home to join Fairy Tail and forge her own path.

Lucy Heartfilia

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