Michaela Duras

Engineer & Golemancer


Base Affinity: Stone Element_Stone__Iron_.png Iron Archetype
Personality: Eccentric; Agreeable disposition.
Affiliations: The Alchemist’s Guild of Arland

Michaela quotes:

  • One man’s “Magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a Null word



The use of elemental magic power to run a machine has made engineering a magic in its own right. This became formal when the magic council of Fiore classified it as an offshoot of Tyrian Alchemy, which was pioneered by dwarven miners. The Council initially gave it the term “Metal alchemy”, but as time passed, most came to refer to it as “ golemancy”.

Michaela is one of the few 2nd generation golemancers about. Her parents were avid golemancers who designed machines at the dawn of the magic age. An avid designer, Michaela sought to create her own from an early age and understood engineering mechanics by age 12. Having grown up in Arland, she also has an excellent understanding and familiarity with Alchemy of many sorts. Fearless and inventive, she plans to take on whatever the world throws at her with her creations.

Her golem, Dubbed “Magnum Opus”, is her masterpiece, and is designed for flexibility. Opus can be operated internally, or by Michaela’s voice commands. He boasts a Duras’steel Hull (patent pending) and a large and still growing number of weapons and tools for defense and siege, but even without them, his durability and strength are frightening and can be bolstered by the driver’s mana.

Michaela Duras

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