Sir Thomas Braedrolf *

Head of the Paladin order "The Mithril Star"


Affiliations: The mithril Star Mithril_star_token.png


Sir Braedrolf grew up as many boys in the Capital city of Calendor. Aware he was not exceptional with the use of arms, he was content to lead a quiet life. So when his friend Alwen approached him with the idea of creating an order of Paladins, he was flattered Alwen had even considered him to join, much less help run it.
As head of the Mithril Star, he handles a great deal of the paperwork and funds but makes it a point to never let this stop him from training alongside his comrades.

Thomas has however harbored private concerns about his gaping lack of field experience, feeling it could hamper the Mithril Star’s ability to act with coordination in the event of trouble.


Sir Thomas Braedrolf *

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