Elam Tyrell


Capital: Calendor
King: N/A

Origins: Its during the age of darkness when the power of the frozen throne was released, that Tyrians say A mysterious ‘hero’ came to the land from across the eastern waters. Seeking out the Sword of Ages, he found it in a tree that had grown around it. Tearing it from the tree, he drove out the evil creatures from the city, province, and beyond, liberating the oppressed and suffering in his wake. His deeds drew many to him, and before long the hero had formed a nation of warriors, trained in arms in like manner to himself.

It is Tyrian claim that the hero’s actions were to undermine the Frozen Throne of Judgement (whose name more precisely translates as “the throne of meritorious destiny”), and drew the attention of the Nameless One: a being created by the throne that they said none could vanquish, for countless had fallen in their efforts to stop it. When it came in the night to seize new victims to consume in its den beneath the hill, Tales tell that the hero engaged it, and in their fight, as if in omen, the hero shattered the unbreakable Sword of Ages over the Nameless One’s head, and chasing it into its den, wrestled with it until he’d torn it limb from limb (think Beowulf when he fights Grendel).
Drawing his newfound allies to him, he led them into the now-empty tomb, where he showed them a second throne: The Throne of Unmerited Favor, more widely known as “The Throne of Grace”, and instructed them to place it in their city, which brought to them, unprecedented abundance and richness of life among its subjects. Many kingdoms have attacked Elam Tyrell since, seeking to claim this great gift, but each attack has only swelled Elam Tyrell’s borders. Though no King has sat on this throne, Tyrians defend it in hopes that one day the valiant hero of old will return to take his place on it.

As a result Elam Tyrell operates on an an unusual design of government. Its provinces, ruled by lords, dukes, and earls, govern their respective provinces. To make nationwide decisions, these nobles meet with the duke of the capital of Calendor, who acts as steward of the magic Throne of Grace, and presiding head of the Council of Nobility. Until recently the title of king had been passed on to this noble, but lately that title has diminished, to steward-king, and with Ferdinand’s recent ascent to the position, has further reduced the title to merely “Duke Ferdinand”, and his wife the Duchess of Calendor. Strangely enough though his daughter Mirai has still retained the title of “princess”, and is called by that even as her mother was.

Elam Tyrell

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