Lianna - Handmaiden to Mirai *

Bodyguard, Handmaiden, and Dragon Tamer


- Quiet natured; meek
- obedient
- loyal to Mirai.


Lianna Quotes:
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Many princesses have dozens of ladies-in-waiting. Others call upon countless servants to be waited upon hand and foot. However the princess of Elam tyrell did not want servants or ladies to attend her every need; only one, faithful friend, to accompany her in her adventures.
Lianna was always meek, quiet, and obedient; even shy to some. However Mirai’s father also percieved a fierce and dedicated loyalty beneath it, and this quality combined with her tremendous propensity for magic, made her an ideal handmaiden for the princess.
After strict training in protective arts and protocol as a servant to Tyrian royalty, Lianna approached her new superior with boundless apprehension. To her suprise she was met with love and friendship, and Mirai showed her all her favorite things and even confided in her with secrets she shared with no one else.
As desired, Lianna has lived true to her princess’ expectations, and has faithfully served, traveling with her wherever she’s gone. A trained wizard, she is equipped to protect as well as serve, and can summon protective sigils, bursts, and works hard in her spare time to better her skills as a dragon-tamer. Her dragon, Rafael, is a powerful little dragon even without her magic support, but with, he can grow tenfold to carry as many as four passengers, or two with luggage, as tends to be the case.

Lianna - Handmaiden to Mirai *

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