"Sir Tristan" & Lillian Spiritrest

The kindly necromancer


[Please note: Ben plays the undead knight, with concessions for play with Lillian]

Base Affinity: Arcane Element_Arcane.png



Lillian’s father was a respected shaman/cleric (depended on who you asked) in their community in Ashenfrae, and was known for helping even the most troubled soul. Her bloodline has always been regarded as highly attuned to the spirits of others.

Then one day, a mysterious group of monsters attacked their town, claiming many lives, including her father’s, and nearly claiming Lillian but for a mysterious rescuer. A skeletal knight with unequalled strength it seemed. Though frightened, Lillian tried to discern why this hulk of rotting flesh had saved her. In the end, all she could determine was on the remains of a decayed handkerchief he’d given her with the letter “T.G.” monogrammed on it.
Since that time, she has called him “Sir Tristan.”
Aware this knight was now a hollow without a master, Lillian realized the only way to protect him from being forced into servitude again was for someone else to fill the position of “master” for him, for a minion can only serve one necromancer, and taking an already bound minion is difficult, if not impossible. She, therefore, took it upon herself to assume this role, and thus donned the mantle of reluctant master to this shell of a knight, and Indeed, if you were to ask, Lillian would describe herself as being more like his keeper than his master.

Soon Lillian discovered there were many undead beings reeling in their servitude, seeking release from their bondage, as well as lost or twisted spirits who sought peace and/or guidance. Before she knew it, she had begun a journey like no other: that of a benevolent necromancer whose minions fought of their own volition, empowered by the dream of turning the power of death further against itself. In fact, the spirits that most often attend her are those of her lost hometown, so that she has never regarded her friends or neighbors as truly “gone”.

Aware of the dangers the dark arts pose, Lillian tries to be picky about what spells she uses, and although she’s made mistakes, she’s only called upon the forces of darkness once. -maybe twice… (ok, three times total) and she’s found that she’s safe so long as she works under these rules:

  • Preserve the natural order; Never animate the dead. Never.
  • Avoid ordering minions when a request will suffice… and always say “please”.
  • Always verify the source of your magic before you cast. Never conjure where you live.
  • Consider the consequences, and count the cost- for dark magic ALWAYS has a cost.

"Sir Tristan" & Lillian Spiritrest

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