Elves are a scattered race, whose fair attributes and social structure make them the envy of many. Their status as an empire however is a diminished one. Thanks to a long history of attacks, most groups are scattered into small isolated regions. The most prominent of these groups are the Tahani, the Nayru , and the Nyss.

Tahani Elves:
elves.jpg The Tahani have existed in the southernmost regions of Fairwood forest for time uncounted. While not particularly rooted, they keep themselves centered about Ta Lake, and are the most adapted to woodland life. Thanks to their allied status with Elam Tyrell, they have thrived well, and work alongside the woodsmen of Fairwood.

Nayru Elves
Home of the last of the Elf-lords, the Nayru Elves are the least nomadic of the known cloisters, and have a well established city deep in the forest. They are among the most skilled of enchanters, and are sought after for this purpose by many. However, venturing into their city requires one act with the utmost courtesy, for they are quick to send outsiders away at the first hint of trouble. (more info to come)

Nyss Elves
While it is true that seclusion seems to be a trait for most elves, not all of them are gentle or peaceful. In the northern reaches of Tyr, live nomadic and aggressive groups called the Nyss Elves. Little is known about them, save that they bear a paler, yet darker skin tone than their more temperate cousins, and that they are one of the few races the undead hordes won’t go out of their way to attack. A feature that allows them to travel the northern wastes with relative impunity. The few that do venture to the civilized realms tend to be a shady bunch, specializing in mercantile lines of work. They aren’t beyond reason though, and there are definitely a few good eggs among them. However as a general rule, they are a cold, unforgiving race known for taking advantage of many an adventurer’s good graces. They’re also one of the foremost “cold environment survival” experts, making them useful guides for those willing to venture into the coldest reaches of Tyr… -so long as you are willing to sleep with one eye open…


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